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2001 ~ 2011

It's been a great honor and a pleasure for us to run this site for all of you, but all things must eventually end. So after 10 years of being online in various forms, starting with Mudpie Obsession, the time has come for Uru Obsession to end as well.

All of us at URU Obsession's Staff would like to thank you all for being part of this project - without you UO would have never been such a big part of the Myst community. We would also like to thank Cyan for the great adventures and the support over the years.

We are currently working on setting up a static archive of the forums so that part of the legacy can live on. Something for the site's content might be done as well, but that part is looking a little more difficult right now. You can watch this page for more news in the near future.
In any case we can always be contacted here.

Perhaps someday we will meet again, someplace else.

- The UO Staff

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The UO people through the years:
(in no special order)

  Site Staff
Dan'ni/Daniel S.
Dusante/Kyle M.
Aloys/Gregory C.
Foo/Sam H.
theGreatTree/James H.
ddfreyne/Denis D.
Achysan/Steve M.
Junee/Petra B.
The Psion/Mike C.
Halvor/Halvor G.
Erithan/Sarah C.
EyeDE/Sean R.
Tone/Tony G.
Linkin Imp/James B.
lonelyto25/Richard B.
Qlex/Alex B.
Gehn/Alex R.
Dr. MYST/Ian D.
Gas Station Stan/Stan M.
  Forum Staff
Mystycalchyk/Victoria R.
Squeebee/Laura B.
Animan/Ken H.
Goldah/Goldieann S.
JoSmiley/Jo E.
Jack/Jack A.
Availle/Stefanie H.
Attila/Daniel M.
Kirsehn/Kristyn O.
D'nial/Derek K.
The URU Fairy

  In-game Staff
AcidArrow, AJ3389, Anima_Caligo, Attila,
Arthur_Eld, Availle, BentleyG, bfioca,
Bionickai001, Camann, Erandel, Estrelle,
Farlesis, gelf56, geobugs, kami, Kato,
ladyyve, macnbc, Psion Omikron, Saxy,
theonlyaaron, Worrenw.

  Special thanks to:
RAWA, Ryan Warzecha, Chris Brandkamp, Jeff Oswald & everyone else at Cyan, Katie Postma, Ron Meiners at Ubi, Susan Weyer at Presto Studio, Jerry Bahnsen, Ri'Huai, Mark 'Z' Plummer, Jeff Price, Zach Ripps, and the many generous souls who donated to keep the site alive.

And many others; too many to name them all.

Thank you all for the great times!

© Uru Obsession 2001-2011. Uru and Myst © Cyan Worlds, Inc. 1993-2011.